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a little more... DreamRoot

I've been looking through old Dropbox folders and finding lots of DreamRoot art. Since I don't have a special page dedicated to that anymore, I'm making more blog entries about them! 🎉

When I started with DR, the logo was a tree. I pointed out how *every* logo was a tree. And would, in my troll like nature, point out all the tree logos on signs and billboards when we'd drive to lunch together. ( #sorrynotsorry )

So, for a bit I made a logo with Dr. Oot. He's like a tree, but also not. After a while I redid the logo again, this time a leaf. Also like a tree, but not a tree ;).

And here's some early art for Chimichango Con Carnage (which never released). I'm not sure if, later in development, we had more characters or just whittled it down to Chimi the Monkey. Which is chango in Spanish! But, this art shows a cloud level and the human guy character. Can't remember his name right now. But I'm sure it was something dorky. There was a "Juanita Million"...

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