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Scare for a Cure

This was my second year to volunteer with Scare for a Cure, and while I didn't get to do as much this year (in California for work too much!), I did what MAY be the coolest thing I've done for them!

I worked with April on these cool podium books displayed throughout the haunted house. April did the typed left-side pages and I did the scripted right-side pages. The text was supplied to us, and we had fairly free range on what to do, visually. AND THEY LOOKED SOOOOOOO COOL! I took some photos before the haunt opened, while I was pasting the pages onto the podiums. But, during the haunt they looked even cooler... cuz they got dressed up with cobwebs and blood! >:)

Bonus- creepy baby dolls I found while setting up the books!

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