Critically Trying

Critically Trying celebrates the mis/adventures of a band of heroes, most of whom are seemingly cursed with bad fortune. The group consists of two bards, a cleric, a barbarian and a necromancer. Yes, two bards*. A cleric and a necromancer. And that barbarian spends a good majority of his time haggling over prices and brushing his hair.

So, yeah. That's "Critically Trying".

*I have to mention one bard left and was replaced by a thief. 

This webcomic is and has been in development for -a- -long- -time-...

However, there's more solid themes and characters right now than ever before. I mean, there's even a title! Which is better than "I want to make a webcomic." like it's been for  years. 

What really got the ball rolling after so many years of apparently being deflated was – starting graduate school! I enrolled in a Master of the Arts program at Academy of Art University, and, at the point of writing this, I'm 58% done with it! And so far, I've made two websites and two 2D animated shorts with the Critically Trying crew (aka Critters)!  SEE THE VIDEOS on the GRAD WORK tab!