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So what's up with that walking puppet dude?

Marshall - in his undies!

This is Marshall. You know, I don't actually remember if his name was Marshall or he was a marshal at this point... But, once upon a time I was part of a little indie game company called DreamRoot. We were working on a zombie game and I (as the only artist) had the crazy idea to make the characters out of paper. So, this is an actual paper puppet I made. Notice the little knots of thread at all his joints?

Marshall was one of the heroes of the game and I only made him in his undies. But I did make him a few weapons, like that axe, and a few others. I made two test animations: the walking one above and a crouching one. I had this weird set up using a blue fabric covered painter's-canvas-board-thingie, a mic stand and a small painter's framed canvas, with a hole cut in one corner, so my iPhone camera had a peep hole... It was super profesh, I assure you. But the end result isn't too bad considering!

Marshall's weapons: shotgun, axe, NAILBAT!

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