Click the boxes below to browse some work done for my Masters in Web Design and New Media. Some will lead to external websites I built. I'm completing the degree online through the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, and am on track to graduate in 2019.

Coursework covers creating websites (HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery...), UX, prototyping and animation. We use Final Cut Pro at AAU.

Three of the videos below were made using After Effects for my Motion Graphics class. The Event Promo video is clips of video I recorded and edited together, and the animations were hand-drawn by me, and I recorded most sound effects. There's also a complied presentation of a website redesign, showing planning, design, testing and final phases of the makeover.

Faux e-Commerce Site

Responsive site made during my second semester involving PHP. All hand-drawn and no Ipsum. This site uses one product from each classmate, and I presented them all as dog toys.

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